josé freitascruz

painting – video – installation

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portuguese artist, born in paris in 1956, i have been involved in art since 1985. from the beginning my work has been influenced by the travels and the cultural diversity i was exposed to from an early age. my repeated trips to the indian subcontinent and the tibetan plateau had an especially strong impact up to the year 2000.

the focus of activity on the island of borneo where i lived from 2001 to 2005 centered around the creation of the brunei art forum, a platform that enabled local artists to work with the few foreign artists living there. as artistic director of empireArt gallery i further engaged them, promoting their work and encouraging them to join in art projects at the gallery. my own work became strongly influenced by the intensity of borneo and my repeated travels in indonesia [bali – java], malaysia [sarawak and sabah] and australia.

during a brief return to portugal i helped in the creation of OD art school before moving to japan where i lived from 2009 to 2013. laos, and later brazil, followed...

to a certain extent, my works are like inner maps of the places that shaped who i am and how i perceive the world, not unlike the concept of songlines or dreaming tracks the aboriginal peoples transmit to one another around a camp fire.

soon i will be trailing new tracks... in mozambique. stay tuned!




jose freitascruz


1985 – Present

painting and exhibiting since 1985


1985 (group show), cidadela de cascais [fortress], cascais, portugal
water colours from the early beginnings
1986 submersão e voo (solo), pop up gallery / amoreiras shopping complex, lisbon, portugal
exhibition text by lima de freitas
1988 india I (solo), galeria a janela verde, lisboa, portugal
1988 young artists / salão primavera (collective), casino estoril, estoril, portugal
selected for young artists salon
1989 9th international art biennale valparaíso (collective), municipal gallery, valparaíso, chile
1990 wasserfarben (solo), siemensforum, lisboa, portugal
1991 young artists awards (collective), galeria soctip, lisboa, portugal
selected for soctip prize exhibition
1991 young artists/salão primavera (collective), casino estoril, estoril, portugal
1992 india II (solo), galeria arcada, estoril, portugal
text by david mourão-ferreira
1993 os caminhos que levam ao mar (solo), galeria arcada, estoril, portugal
1993 criarte (collective), centro cultural belém, belém, lisboa
auction/fundraiser organized by manuela eanes
1994 o insondável númeno (solo), isabella’s art room, estoril, portugal
1994 áfricamiga (collective), galeria da caixa geral de depósitos, lisboa, portugal
1996 as pontes da utopia (solo), galeria 65a, lisboa, portugal
1997 kunst im kettenwerk (group show), kunstverein kettenwerk, hamburg, germany
art residency and project exhibition with artists genia hoffmann, thomas börner and wolfgang block at kunstverein kettenwerk [ww2 panzer production factory]
1998 circumambulatio (solo), galeria da praça, porto, portugal
texto de laura de castro
1998 amnesty international exhibition (collective), cadeia da relação, porto, portugal
1999 misterioso vórtice (solo), galeria castello maior, cascais, portugal
2000 trabalhos da série “águas” (solo), ermida na. sra. da conceição, belém, lisboa
last solo exhibition in portugal… catalogue text by jorge marcel
2004 par delà les îles aux épices (solo), alliance française brunei, bandar seri begawan, brunei
2004 artforum-brunei 2004 (collective), art gallery . brunei museum, bandar seri begawan, brunei
2005 inspirasi (group), empireArt gallery, bandar seri begawan, brunei
exhibition/dialogue with australian artist david kelly
2005 [x?] artists – one boat (collective), empireArt gallery, bandar seri begawan, brunei
2008 montijo international biennale (collective), espaço municipal, montijo, portugal
first presentation of a work in video format: barca.borneo
2008 3 homens numa barca (group show), centro cultural cascais, cascais, portugal
art residency project with fernando vidal and rui aço
2008 focfest lisboa (collective), braço de prata, lisboa, portugal
simultaneous screening of video barca borneo – istanbul, yerevan, lisboa
2012 recent paintings (solo), soho art gallery, osaka, japan
first solo exhibition in japan
2012 kokoro no uta / poetry of soul (solo), mssohkan gallery, kobe, japan
2012 transnational art 012 (collective), osaka contemporary arts center, osaka, japan
first exhibition in japan
2012 kyoto art festival (collective), kyoto municipal museum, kyoto, japan
2013 landscapes from now.hereland (solo), spectrum gallery, osaka, japan
2013 transnational art 013 (collective), enokojima art, culture & creative centre, osaka, japan
2013 machikado art week (collective), kometani house – imai-cho, nara, japan
2014 gallery artists (group show), i:cat gallery, vientiane, laos
2014 guardian of the edge / response to the poetry of a. marton (group show), court européene de justice, luxembourg
2016 annual show (collective), HB55 kunstfabrik, berlin, germany
artist residency + group show
2019 brasília encontra portugal (group), embaixada de portugal, brasília, brasil
presentation of installation “cidade reinventada” and dialogue with danilo barbosa
2021 GoGoGo - Feira de Arte Maputo (Collective), Gema D'Arte / Marés, Maputo